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Weekly Newspapers Long Island

Weekly Newspapers Long Island

When considering which Weekly Newspapers Long Island to place your ad, consider Neighbor Newspapers. This is a local newspaper that has been providing the best in local coverage of news, school news, events, advertising, seasonal activities and so forth for over 65 years, They take pride in the way they have been a big part of helping businesses thrive and flourish.

They have a weekly circulation that enables the entire south shore of Long Island to receive your advertising. They offer 26 weekly editions to various areas on Long Island. Their Weekly Newspapers Long Island have a 100 % mail circulation which means each paper is placed in a mailbox. Neighbor Newspapers also now offers digital marketing as well. For more information on that please simply click on the attached link There you will find actual digital advertising scrolling. You may also call directly to the offices of Neighbor Newspapers at 631 226-2636 to speak with a representative regarding pricing and more details.

Neighbor Newspapers is found on the south shore of Long Island with different zones available for their mailings. In each, you will find general local news, science, educational issues, tax information and so much more. Over the years this newspaper has become virtually a household name. When looking to place your advertising in a Weekly Newspaper Long Island don’t hesitate to choose Neighbor Newspapers. You will be happy with the results, after all, they are exactly what you have been searching for. Ask about their “Seasons” holiday edition too.

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