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The History Of The Graduation Cap

Graduation ceremonies are a tradition that dates back to the first high schools and universities. While many aspects of graduation ceremonies have evolved over the years, the graduation cap has remained a hallmark of such ceremonies. Graduation caps are one of the most visible aspects of
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Huntington Opens Heckscher Park To Leashed Dogs

A pilot program allowing leashed dogs in Heckscher Park begins January 1, and Huntington Councilwoman Joan Cergol is working with the Long Island Dog Owners Group (LI-DOG) to spread the word about the common sense rules implemented to make the program a success. Councilwoman Cergol and LI-DOG’s educational campaign includes: An explanatory video featuring Councilwoman […]
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The Long Island Museum Turns 80!

The Long Island Museum (LIM) is turning 80 this year and the celebration kicks off on June 28th from 6 to 9 p.m. at an event at the Hawkins-Mount House located in Stony Brook.  The Mount House Summer Soirée will be an Americana-themed party featuring signature cocktails, dinner, live music and tours of this iconic Stony Brook landmark. […]