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Where do you go to get your local Suffolk County News because Neighbor Newspapers will deliver it right to your door. That’s right. Since 1953 Neighbor Newspapers has been printing and delivering all of the local news to its customers delivered right to their door. If you like to keep up with all of the local events, charity events, school news, science, local county issues and so much more, but are tired of reading about New York City stories that don’t pertain to where you live, consider Neighbor Newspapers. In addition to reading all about Suffolk County News you can also read about south shore matters that can make a difference in your home, your lifestyle, entertainment and economics.

You will find ads from local merchants that are never available in other tabloids. There are advertisements for local upcoming events, community events, volunteer advertisements and more. If you are considering placing and ad for your personal business, service or event, you can do so by calling directly to their offices at 631 226-2636.

For more information on types of advertising available at Neighbor Newspapers including but not limited to prints ads, digital marketing, text message marketing etc. please simply click on the attached link There you will find information in addition to all of the current Suffolk County News. With over 65 years of serving Suffolk County with the current events, direct to door mailing and so much more, you can’t go wrong with Neighbor Newspapers! Call for more information in detail.          b

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