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NYCBS Breaking Ground to Build a Brand New State-of-The-Art Cancer Treatment Facility

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (NYCBS) held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility located minutes from the ferry and Long Island Railroad in Port Jefferson Station on October 10th, 2018. The modern facility will be the most advanced, patient-friendly cancer treatment center of its kind on Long Island.

NYCBSCommanding a footprint of 15,000 square feet, this unique facility was designed to treat the whole patient, not just their cancer. It offers everything they need to fight cancer—in one convenient location—and right in their own backyard.

Dr. Jeffrey Vacirca, CEO of NYCBS, explains the vision behind the center. “Through 40 years of treating and actually listening to our cancer patients, we understand what they need and want in cancer care. Top quality medical treatment, of course, but also comprehensive services and emotional support services and access to promising clinical trials. Anything our patient’s need we want to have for them. And they want it closer to home so they don’t have to travel when they’re sick– which is what NYCBS community-based care is all about. We’ve been providing our neighbors with these supports all along. But now we can do all of this—and much more—under one roof.”

With all the amenities a NYCBS patient has come to expect– like comfortable furniture, warm lighting, soft blankets and a kind, attentive staff for much needed emotional support—the new NYCBS center is designed to nurture and streamline patient flow so patients don’t have to wait.


With the most cutting-edge medical technology and equipment– including the most advanced PET/CT Scans and MRI machines to provide superior imagery for diagnostic purposes—as well as medical and radiation oncology services, in-house radiology and infusion services, the new NYCBS center addresses all of the patient’s medical needs in one building.

To facilitate better patient outcomes, the NYCBS center will also offer a multi-faceted wellness program staffed by nurse educators, psychologists, and other experts ready to provide nutritional, emotional, financial, psychological and spiritual guidance for any NYCBS patient. Complementing superior medical treatment, these comprehensive support services are unique to community-based cancer care and demonstrate NYCBS’s commitment to conquering cancer.

NYCBSThe new NYCBS cancer center is revolutionary in another yet remarkable way. The lab’s CLEP license will allow it to take and process outside specimens (blood, biopsies, etc.). With the new facility located next to the lab, cancer patients will receive their results in record time. The new facility will also feature the latest in clinical trials and immunotherapy.

As a symbol of hope, NYCBS will be planting a tree to remain lit through-out the year in colors representing different cancers treated each month. Joining NYCBS to plant this magical tree will be patients, doctors, staff, Sheriff Errol Toulon, and local politicians Congressman Lee Zeldin and Town Supervisor Ed Romaine.

“This is a proud moment for those dedicated to the practice of comprehensive cancer care.” Dr. Vacirca added. “We are dedicated to provide the best in all services for all of our patients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we want to be the first stop and keep them close to home. We’ve grown, and so has our ability to treat those in need. Tomorrow brings hope… and together… we’re conquering cancer close to home.”


As a community-based hematology and oncology practice, NYCBS prides itself in diagnosing and treating their neighbor’s right in their own backyards as well as patients willing to travel from across the globe to participate in the latest NYCBS clinical trials.


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