Living Well With Allison Kugel

Living Well With Allison Kugel

Conversations with Masters For The Holidays

By Allison Kugel


The Holidays are a time of hope, love, joy and reflection. It’s a time to slow down, put our routines on hold and spend time with family. For those of us who are fortunate enough to have some time off, we are granted the best gift of all… the ability to be present with the people we love.

For me, the days that fall between December 24th and January 2nd create a sacred pocket of space between me and the rest of the world. I can simply Be. Much of the time we forget that we are human beings, and not human doings. While some celebrate the season with raucous affairs and big crowds, I prefer getting cozy close to home, and I bake a ton! There is no wrong way to do the Holidays!

Since I consider this time of year an opportunity to evaluate where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m headed in the new year, I’d like to share a new collection of quotes gathered from my past interviews, in a Part II of my Conversations with Masters series. I hope it sparks some inspiration:

Grammy-Winning Musician Lenny Kravitz on Prayer and Meditation

“I meditate, I pray, I try to be still, I try to be quiet… and listen. It means having the desire to learn, to improve, and to face my faults and learn from them. I’m always looking to go higher, and to take as much ego out of myself as possible. I believe that God is my creator, our creator. Whether we realize it or not, I believe we are all created by the same God. I believe we are all one creation, we are all connected, and I believe that God is the ultimate source of love.”

Filmmaker Mario Van Peebles on the Power of Kindness

“Sometimes what I’m here to learn, I learn through my kids. The basis of all of this is to just be kind. Be kind to the planet, be kind to yourself, be kind to your neighbor. It sounds corny, but that’s at the essence of it all.”

Tony and Emmy Award-Winning Actress and Singer Kristin Chenoweth on Learning Lessons with Age

“Advice I was given by my father was, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’ I used to roll my eyes at that and think, ‘Well, he just doesn’t get it.’ But it was me who didn’t get it.”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the Existence of the Human Soul

“I’ve always believed people have a soul, and that’s not something that I could subjectively prove. But to me, it’s inconceivable that there isn’t more than a bunch of carbon that comprises us as human beings. Exactly what to call the other thing, and whether it’s a soul or something else; what it’s made of or where it goes, I don’t know.”

Basketball Legend Shaquille O’Neal on Religion

“You can never disrespect anybody’s faith and say, ‘That’s not right.’ You’re gonna believe what you believe. All of these religions have been around thousands and thousands of years. So who am I to say, ‘Hey, don’t do this, don’t do that.’ If you respect others’ beliefs, and you respect that person as a man or a woman, you’ll make it far in life.”


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