Living Well With Allison Kugel

Living Well with Allison Kugel

Recognizing Your Life Cycles

By: Allison Kugel


You may think you know where you will be one year from today. Think again. Wherever you are right now; the people who are around you, the places you frequent, your relationship status, financial status, health status… even the area in which you reside are all outward projections of your inner world and your current stage of development. In the blink of an eye you could find yourself doing a slow circle turnabout as you wonder, “Whoa! How did I get here? My world has done a sudden 180.” It’s as if you have taken a quantum leap, but that leap has actually been a long time in the making. It is a result of your personal life cycles.


I know what you are thinking. “That’s an interesting thought, but a year from now my life will most likely be pretty much the same.” That could be, but let me ask you this… Think about the year you met your spouse, the year you unexpectedly changed career paths or fate might have brought you to a new city (maybe fate brought you to Long Island, NY from someplace else), the year you found out you were going to be a parent for the first time. I could list a hundred more examples. Who knew as the clock struck 12 midnight on New Year’s Day of that year, that those life-changing events would be coming your way.


Life holds so many mysteries for us to unfold; sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant. What I have come to know is that no matter what you are going through, there are always goodies waiting around a new corner. I can honestly say, I have never gone through a personal trial without something magical coming out of it; a special person, a new opportunity, an important revelation. I have also come to know that life looks most messy before things fall into place. At that point, all you can say is, “Wow!,” and “Thank you.”


We go through cycles of rest, growth and then reaping rewards. We know we are in a cycle of rest when life seems status quo, the needle doesn’t move very much and we are just going about our business with no significant ripples. Life seems fairly effortless and predictable in this cycle. It may even seem a bit boring at times, and you long for a little spice.


We know we are in a growth cycle when hard times come, life feels chaotic and overwhelming, we “just can’t seem to catch a break,” and we experience heavy and painful emotions. It is in our growth cycles where we do the most significant work and our soul achieves further expansion. This expansion prepares us for our next reward cycle. When we pass the tests we are given during our growth cycles, we will then (often, when we least expect it) come into a new reward cycle. A reward cycle is recognizable to us because this is when we experience the goodies of life. Someone special comes into our path, doors seem to open up, a dream comes true, and life starts to feel great again.


Suddenly, perspective is achieved. Any discomfort seems worth it, because it delivered us to a place of being able to receive the gift(s) we are now being given.



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