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Neighbor Newspapers offers you Community News Long Island that is easy to read, easy to find and the best place to advertise. This newspaper has a 100% mailed circulation which means that you can definitely reach your preferred target market. Whether you have a product, a service, are running a charity event or sports event, advertise it in the Neighbor Newspapers.

They have been providing local areas with the Community News Long Island since 1953!  That is 65 years bringing information the old- fashioned way, by reading. As we approach this winter season, how important is it for you to get safety information regarding your car, your home and your family. In Neighbor Newspapers you will find health, inspirational, educational and science all rolled in to one paper. You will find deals on heating fuel, landscapers that may offer wood for your fireplace, local hardware stores offering salt, shovels and sleds. When you don’t know where to turn to get the news that is local and most important to you, check your mailbox and read the Neighbor Newspapers from cover to cover.

If you are thinking of advertising in this paper, you may call and speak with their representative that can guide you on marketing your Community News Long Island. Choose the regional areas that best serve your business and choose the editions you wish to advertise in. Guaranteed circulation for better results. Call today to 631 226-2636. Or you may click on the attached link There, you will find general information regarding print advertising, digital advertising and text message marketing as well.

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