5 Reasons To Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a fermented liquid made from a wide array of ingredients that is used primarily to preserve and flavor food. But the uses for vinegar are almost as extensive as the variety of flavors it’s available in. The word “vinegar” comes from the French “vin aigre,” or “sour wine.” Vinegar is

Leaf Peeping Planning Guide

Millions of people each year look forward to the magnificent colors on display in autumn. Fall offers irreplaceable views, whether you’re atop a mountain ridge or thick in the folds of a forest. In addition, the crackle of leaves underfoot and the earthy smell of the soil tempts the senses even more. Some advance planning […]
Election Day

Make Election Day Go Smoothly

Election Day gives voters throughout the United States a chance to participate in their government. The right to vote is something to cherish, as many people across the globe do not get a chance to elect the officials who govern their countries. While Election Day is an exciting time, voters may find it frustrating if […]
Seasonal Featured Veterans Day

Remembering Our Veterans

The men and women who defend the liberties and freedoms of the countries they represent hold a special place in people’s hearts and an eternal spot in their countries’ histories. Any opportunity is a good time to commemorate the bravery and selfless deeds of military personnel, but certain prominent holidays in November make this an […]
Back To School

Promote Healthy Weight Starting with School Lunch

Although there are a variety of theories behind the growing obesity problem plaguing North American adults and children, the most consistent findings point to caloric intake as the culprit. Here’s a simple equation to get to the root of the problem: Calories eaten > calories spent = weight gain. According to National Health Examination Surveys, […]
Back To School

3 Techniques to Help Kids Concentrate

Classrooms are now vastly different from the ones today’s parents were accustomed to when they were children. Technology has changed the face of classrooms, and while digital classrooms have revolutionized the ways kids learn, they also can make it more difficult for students to concentrate. Computers, tablets and smartphones can be invaluable resources for teachers […]

Keep Summer Road Trips Safe

When the outdoors beckons, road trips can be the perfect way to see the countryside, escape the routine of daily life and enjoy short vacations. When taking to the open road, it is important to focus on safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that planning and prevention can spare road-trippers from the consequences […]

Design a Dream Outdoor Entertaining Space

Upon the arrival of warm weather, many individuals prefer to spend their free time outside, relishing the fresh air and sunshine and evenings spent under the stars. But cracked patios and makeshift chairs and tables may not establish the desired ambiance. An outdoor entertaining area that offers the same amenities found inside a home can […]

Beckon Twilight with a Tasty Summer Cocktail

Perhaps nothing is more relaxing on a warm summer night than sipping a cocktail as the sun sets. Some cocktails, such as the following recipe for Blueberry Crush, even evoke the twilight hours of summertime with their unique look. Blueberry Crush Serves 1 Ingredients: 4 or 5 ice cubes 2 blackberries 2 blueberries 2 raspberries […]