South Bay’s Neighbor Newspapers is a local community newspaper on Long Island, New York. Beginning as South Bay’s Newspaper in 1953, the paper became a proud part of the community and developed a very loyal readership. It wasn’t long before South Bay became a household name.

In July of 2004, Long Island Media Group purchased South Bay’s Newspaper, which at that time published seven editions. In the years since, our business has expanded. Today, we publish 26 editions with a combined weekly circulation of 170,000.

Our unique blend of 100% mailed saturation in 18 editions, coupled with distribution of our eight regional editions at high traffic locations, allows our advertisers to reach their potential target markets.

Our newspapers are full tab and feature an unparalleled selection of school, library and community news, a variety of weekly columns, enticing offers from local merchants and services, classified ads and our Neighbor Service Directory – which all lead to strong readership and great results for our customers.

Through the years, we have introduced a full print and deliver program, local community directories and specialty products, our very own Seasons Magazine, published five times a year – and our brand new digital platform!

Although there are countless ways to read news and view advertisements today, we know there will always be a significant place for community newspapers. Our loyal readership has enabled advertisers to feel secure in knowing they are getting the most efficient use of their marketing dollars spent with us.

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