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How to clean up a broken CFL

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, have grown increasingly popular as more and more consumers make environmentally conscious purchases.
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Going Green

Teaching kids to be green

Millions of women around the country live with cardiovascular disease and may not know it. The consequences of being uninformed can be fatal.
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4 ways to conserve fuel and stop paying so much at the pump

Fuel prices have traditionally been at their highest during the summer months. That's unfortunate for vacationers and road trip enthusiasts who must budget the cost of fuel into their vacation expenses. Those costs can be considerable, especially if gas continues to hover around $4 per gallon as it has for much of 2012.
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Solar power misconceptions

Solar energy, provided through various methods of harnessing the power of the sun, is something that interests many eco-conscious homeowners for its ability to cut down on the amount of electricity needed from another source. However, there are certain myths and misconceptions that surround solar power.
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Understanding air quality alerts

Air quality is a growing concern in many communities. Contaminants in the air have been known to cause everything from minor allergies to severe lung damage and even cancer. Familiarizing oneself with air quality alerts -- particularly during the warm weather -- can enable people to take the proper precautions..
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