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Going Green

Never buy gasoline again?

Solar panels revolutionized the way people power their homes, dramatically reducing the reliance on electricity. The sun is nature's largest power plant, and it can provide more renewable energy to the earth in one hour than fossil fuels can produce in a year. The same solar panel technology is now being used on vehicles to run some of the components in the car. But powering an entire vehicle on car-mounted panels may still be years away.
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Things to consider before adding a greenhouse

Many men and women with a passion for gardening hope to one day have a greenhouse they can call their own. Though greenhouses are a great place for gardeners to hone their crafts, they can also be quite expensive, and there are some things gardeners should consider before building a greenhouse.
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Eco-friendly food trends

Every year various food and nutrition gurus, including the National Restaurant Association, professional chefs and members of the American Culinary Federation, come together and share their predictions and support of foods, beverages and cooking practices that will be trendy for the upcoming year. Many of the categories are divided into healthy options for diners looking to improve their personal well-being, while other categories run the gamut from fun foods to less-than-healthy dishes.
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Technology News:
First 'net-zero' school sets a fine example

Energy-efficient construction is celebrating one more milestone. It is now possible to build a facility -- perhaps even a home -- that is able to produce, on site, as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.

Demonstrating this is the opening last year of the Richardsville Elementary School in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the first net-zero school in the United States. This achievement includes features like solar power and an innovative concrete wall system. To date, the entire building has achieved efficiencies beyond all expectations.
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Teaching kids to be green

The children of today are the decision-makers of the future. Therefore, it's imperative that youngsters learn about the planet and how to protect it.

Teaching children about the ways they can protect the planet or make simple changes to decrease their carbon footprints now may pave the way for more informed adults later, and children can discover the benefits of giving back rather than taking more.
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Did you know?

Buying in bulk is one way to save money and protect the environment. Bulk items that can be stored without expiring reduce the need to travel to and from the store frequently, saving on time and gas. In addition, bulk items typically feature less packaging than smaller-sized products, and often cost less per-unit. Perishables are not something that should be purchased in bulk unless the items will definitely be used prior to their expiration dates.
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