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Eco-friendly food trends

Every year various food and nutrition gurus, including the National Restaurant Association, professional chefs and members of the American Culinary Federation, come together and share their predictions and support of foods, beverages and cooking practices that will be trendy for the upcoming year. Many of the categories are divided into healthy options for diners looking to improve their personal well-being, while other categories run the gamut from fun foods to less-than-healthy dishes. According to what was hot for 2012, the leaders in the ranking included locally sourced meats and seafood, as well as locally grown produce. It seems more people are interested in sustainable food practices. Factory farming and transporting meats, seafoods and produce far distances rely on not-so-friendly environmental practices. Fossil fuel emissions are cut dramatically when food doesn't have to be shipped around the world. Also, healthier meat and seafood products are produced when animals are raised in eco-friendly and conditions because they don't have to be fattened-up with growth hormones and artificial vitamins.