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Save money on energy bills

Home is where the heart is, where families grow, and generally where the most of our leisure time is spent. Working with green technology for the best insulation will keep your house warm, welcoming, comfortable and cozy -- and will save you money, all at the same time.

Insulation advancements are on the horizon at all times, experts say. Take a look at innovation by Icynene, for example. Their soft, expanding spray foam insulation and air barrier material protects homeowners from the harmful outdoor environment and from energy-robbing air leakage. Icynene pioneered the spray foam technology and now leads in industry training.

Why are homeowners turning to spray foam insulation? Experts tell us that older insulation types, such as fibreglass, will settle, compact and sag over time, decreasing their insulation properties. Spray foam insulation is energy efficient, says Icynene, and it has a high R-value due to its ability to seal and insulate at the same time.

The spray foam solutions are created with water blowing agents and renewable and recycled content, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions to support a healthier environment. Spray foam insulation can be used in new home construction or additions and insulation upgrades to existing homes (attics, crawlspaces) during remodeling projects. With spray foam insulation you can maintain healthy indoor air while reducing your HVAC equipment needs and saving on energy bills. In addition, homeowners can conserve construction materials without the need for excess sealing and still achieve optimal airtightness. Spray foam insulation doesn't pass off gas over time, performs at peak levels for the lifetime of your home, and, because airborne moisture is controlled, the durability of the building remains unthreatened by the growth of mold and mildew.

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