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Healthy hardwood flooring

Soy-based finished floors new 'green' innovation for parents Since most of an infant's time is spent on the floor playing, crawling and discovering, more and more parents are now looking for flooring options that will minimize exposure to harmful allergens, germs and toxins.

Allergen and germ collecting flooring options like carpet are now being overlooked for more hypoallergenic options such as natural hardwood flooring to diminish the risk of harmful exposure to their children. Discerning parents are now finding that there are even healthier options in hardwood flooring available that can help them take that extra step of precaution in protecting their child's welfare.
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Did you know?

Ecoscaping is a growing trend among homeowners who want to take care of their lawns and landscapes but want to do so in a way that's environmentally friendly. Integrating both landscape architecture and spatial planning with environmental science, ecoscaping is meant to help homeowners create a sustainable and eco-friendly landscape design.
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Save money on energy bills

Home is where the heart is, where families grow, and generally where the most of our leisure time is spent. Working with green technology for the best insulation will keep your house warm, welcoming, comfortable and cozy -- and will save you money, all at the same time.

Insulation advancements are on the horizon at all times, experts say. Take a look at innovation by Icynene, for example. Their soft, expanding spray foam insulation and air barrier material protects homeowners from the harmful outdoor environment and from energy-robbing air leakage. Icynene pioneered the spray foam technology and now leads in industry training.
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Decorating trends:
Eco-friendly hardwood floors lead healthy home trend

The "healthy home" movement has become more than just a decorating fad. It marks a major shift in the priorities and ideologies of consumers who are now making concerted efforts to seek out eco-friendly and health-conscious decor choices for their homes. Innovative designers and manufacturers have caught on to this reality and are now giving consumers more options for healthy materials for their homes.
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Nine ways to improve indoor air

In April 2012, a wildfire broke out in a compost pile in an area on Staten Island, NY, that formerly housed the Fresh Kills Landfill. Residents across the island worried if the billowing smoke rising into the sky was toxic in nature as a result of the years of trash that had been buried in the soil.

Though it's understandable to worry about contaminants that could be polluting outdoor air, it's important not to overlook indoor air quality as well.
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How to clean up a broken CFL

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, have grown increasingly popular as more and more consumers make environmentally conscious purchases. CFLs use less energy than traditional light bulbs, and, though they contain mercury, they actually reduce the total mercury emissions because of their energy savings.
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How to conserve energy around the house

Rising fuel costs and a suspect economy has forced many homeowners to look for ways to cut costs around the house. Conserving energy is one way to do just that. And in addition to saving money, conserving energy also helps save the planet.

Though preserving energy around the house might sound difficult, it's actually quite easy, and you don't have to sacrifice comfort to conserve. The following are a few ways to conserve energy around the house and help your bottom line and the planet at the same time.
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