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Sun & Safety

Slim down for summer

It can be sobering to realize that beach and pool season is right around the corner. Maybe that diet you hoped to go on got stuck in neutral. What can you do now?
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Be safe with fireworks this season

Fireworks are synonymous with summer. They mark special occasions, festivals and warm-weather holidays like Independence Day. When handled by professionals, fireworks can be quite the spectacle. However, if lit by amateurs, fireworks can be very risky.
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Choosing the right bathing suit

Bathing suit season is on the horizon and summer fun might drive some into a panic. However, there are bathing suit styles that enhance what you want to show off and conceal what you want to camouflage.

The first step in choosing a bathing suit is to make an accurate assessment of your body shape. Stand in front of the mirror without any clothes on and figure out which features define your physique. Perhaps your bust is large, or you have more curve in your hips. Maybe you are tall and lanky. Taking note of your body will help narrow down your swimsuit options.
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Summer songs

Certain songs evoke feelings of summertime and call to mind backyard barbecues or gatherings on the beach. There are certain classic hits that seem to go hand-in-hand with warm weather. While there are scores of songs that topped the charts during the summer months, these songs seem like they were tailor made specifically for summer fun.
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Get relief from the pain of sunburn

Summer draws people outdoors to enjoy fun in the sun. But not every aspect of summertime weather can be pleasant, especially when sunburn rears its blistery head.

Despite the health warnings about sun exposure, people still venture outdoors repeatedly without the use of a protective product with a high enough SPF. Side effects of failing to protect the skin can include nasty burns and an increased risk of skin cancer later in life. Perhaps individuals fail to take sunburns seriously because they don't associate sunburns with anything dangerous. But sunburn is just like any other burn and the skin pays the price.
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CO is a genuine threat for boaters

There's something ominous lurking whenever you go boating or participate in water sports. No, it's not a huge barracuda or a stalking shark. The United States Coast Guard warns that carbon monoxide, or CO, is an extremely dangerous substance boaters must be mindful of.
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