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Back To School

Save on back-to-school clothes shopping

The back to school season can be bittersweet. Parents may miss having their youngsters around the house when summer officially ends, but it's also fun for parents to watch kids partake in all that school has to offer.
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Poor job market leads to surplus teachers

Millions of women around the country live with cardiovascular disease and may not know it. The consequences of being uninformed can be fatal.
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Kids & School

Autism rates rising ... but why?

In early 2012, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued findings from a study that found 1 in 88 children is now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder by the age of eight. This is a 23 percent increase in ASD diagnoses in just two years. What troubles doctors is that the rate has risen far above the 2006 estimate of 1 in 110.
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Parents connecting with social media

There is a power outage, and your child's school is dismissing students early, requiring you to arrive quickly for pickup. Your kid will not be left waiting for you because you got this information immediately after a quick log-in to the social media site you use to connect with other parents. Some other parents may be delayed in receiving this important information because they rely on phone alerts.
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Are school lunches becoming healthier?

Grilled cheese on a pretzel bun; maple burst pancakes; cold nachos; breaded chicken nuggets -- these are some of the lunch options in school cafeterias across the country. Following streamlined government regulations aimed to make school lunches healthier, some parents are left scratching their heads wondering if anything has changed.
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