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Tips for managing and preventing stress

For many adults, stress is an ever-present part of life. Though statistics on stress can be easily manipulated, it's safe to assume many men and women experience significant stress, especially when the economy is struggling, as it has been over the last several years.

The prevalence of stress serves to highlight the emphasis men and women must place on reducing it and, whenever possible, preventing it. Though it might prove impossible to eliminate stress, learning to manage that stress can improve your quality of life significantly. When attempting to manage stress, it can help to ask yourself the following questions.
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Getting started on turning your hobby into a career

The notion is oft-repeated at graduation ceremonies or passed down from generations: If you find something you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life.

While that's a comforting thought, many adults recognize there are plenty of things they love to do, but no guidebook as to how to turn those beloved hobbies and passions into a career. Though there are no formulas to ensure the transition from hobby to career will be a success, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly and give aspiring entrepreneurs a solid foundation.
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Dads can survive daughters' teenage years

A daughter may begin as "Daddy's little girl," all wide-eyed and full of sunshine. However, as she ages, many fathers find they lose that special connection they once had with their daughters. Effective communication can help bridge the gap that sometimes forms between fathers and daughters when girls become teenagers.
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Sciatica a concern for many men

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, eight out of 10 people have some type of backache. Back pain does not discriminate, and men, women and even children can find themselves dealing with the unfortunate and uncomfortable side effects of a hurt back.
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Happy at age 33

At what age do people have the tendency to be the most happy and content with their lives? According to Friends Reunited, a UK social networking site, 70 percent of survey respondents over the age of 40 said they didn't find true happiness until the age of 33. Being in your mid-thirties could mean you're no longer naive or engaging in the rebellious nature of teenage years, and you may not be just starting out in the business world, as most do in their tender twenties.
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