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Raising Kids

Facts about childhood fever

Fevers scare many parents. When a child's temperatures rises, it can induce panic and helplessness. But when parents recognize that fevers are oftentimes not incredibly harmful to children, that recognition can reduce panic and overreliance on fever-reducing medication.
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Parenting Pointers

Help your child transition from a crib to a bed

Much of a young child's life revolves around adapting to new situations. Even when a routine is established, things can change and new skills must be learned.
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Family Time

Travel easily with kids in tow

Many people enjoy traveling. The opportunity to spend free time experiencing other cultures or visiting faraway lands appeals to many people's inquisitive and adventurous natures, and it's no wonder retirees often devote so much time traveling the world.
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Explore the advantages of working from home

Working from home, also known as teleworking or telecommuting, is a growing component of the business sector. Many employees have already moved into the position of teleworking at least part-time from a home office, while others are poised to make the transition full-time. The ability to work remotely could be a boon to individuals looking to balance work and family further.
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Preserve digital photos and family memories

The advent of digital photo technology has revolutionized the way most people take photos. Although there are many advantages of digital photography, the potential for digital images to disappear in a moment makes preserving them of the utmost importance.

Digital photos start off as a file stored on the memory card of a camera. These files can then be moved to a computer or printed at a moment's notice. The ability to view the image on demand and then save or delete as necessary was one of the initial draws of digital photography.
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