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How to save on your next flight

The cost of travel continues to increase, especially for those travelers who prefer to travel by air. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average round-trip flight in 2011 cost consumers $362, a 7.8 percent increase from the previous year. What's more, that figure does not include taxes or additional costs paid at the airport, which can include potentially expensive baggage fees.
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How to ask for a raise

As the economy has struggled over the last several years, many employees have felt happy to have a job, no matter what it pays. However, for those who feel they have been doing an exemplary job at work, they shouldn't let the economy prevent them from asking for a raise they deserve.

Chances are employers are not going to walk up to employees and offer them pay raises. After all, bosses are in the business of having the company operate at the least possible cost. Men and women who want a raise should recognize that it is their responsibility to approach higher-ups about a pay increase.
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How to start a small business

Starting their own a business is a dream for many men and women. Instead of reporting to a boss and following the particular hierarchy of a company, entrepreneurs can set their own rules and hours.

But starting a business does not just involve putting an open-for-business sign in the window. It involves preparation to ensure the business succeeds and is in accordance with laws and guidelines set by the local government.
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How to make a rice ball

Rice balls are fried delicacies sold in many Italian specialty food stores and markets. Often filled with meat or cheese, rice balls can be bite-sized snacks or softball-sized meals.

Due to some uncertainty about how to keep rice balls from falling apart, many home chefs shy away from recreating them in their own kitchens. However, with a little know-how, anyone can create delicious rice balls.
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How to choose your next television

Whether it's plasma, LED, LCD, HD, or 3D, all of the "Ds" of television technology and terminology can have the average consumer scratching his or her head and wondering what's what?
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How to cut costs on data plans

There have been a number of must-have trends throughout history. While in years past the hottest commodity was the in-demand toy or gaming system, today people cannot seem to get enough of their technological gadgets, most notably smartphones and tablets.
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Don't have your identity stolen

Every person in the country is unique and has an identifying name and numbers assigned to him or her that help regulate aspects of his or her professional and personal life. When some form of a person's identification is stolen, this is known as identity theft, and it can wreak havoc on finances and personal credit. There are a number of steps men and women can take to avoid being victimized by identity theft.
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Achieve perfect pics with tips from a pro

Photographs are the way many people document life's special occasions, milestones and even the daily moments that are worth saving and sharing. Nowadays, it's easy to take photos for granted since digital technology has made taking photos simpler than ever before.
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