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4 ways to make getting fit more fun

Swimsuit season is just around the corner, which means that many people are gearing up to shed a few pounds. This weight loss is often accomplished through a combination of diet and exercise.

Although plenty of individuals begin new exercise regimens with high hopes, oftentimes their enthusiasm wanes as time goes on, resulting in less-than-stellar results. The missing component of the fitness equation could be fun.

People gravitate toward things because they are enjoyable. Participation in sports can be fun, as it involves exercise as well as socializing with friends. Too often individuals fail to make fitness fun and that's why their efforts fizzle out. Here are four ways to make getting in shape more enjoyable.

1. Employ the buddy system. Having a partner to share the ups and downs of getting fit with can make the process go more smoothly. This person can encourage you to stick with the fitness routine even if your interest has waned. You can do the same by motivating your partner to press on. Laughing and joking about your fitness escapades can make them seem less like work and more like fun.

2. Stop dieting. Nothing sounds more boring than relegating yourself to tasteless food or no-fat products or eating only one item as part of a fad diet. Diets don't sound fun, and oftentimes they're not. Instead, continue to enjoy all of your favorite foods -- just reduce portion sizes. That means you can continue to enjoy a slice of pizza or a burger, provided you don't exceed portion sizes.

3. Skip the gym. Very often people equate fitness with spending hours at the gym. While there are scores of people who find heading to the gym enjoyable, many others would prefer doing something else. Just about any activity can be turned into a fitness activity. You can run around the yard with your children or hop on a bicycle and find a path through the neighborhood. Avid gardeners get quite a workout by weeding and planting -- all the while enjoying themselves. Find out what you like to do and make that pursuit your fitness activity of choice.

4. Set fitness to music. A range of different musical tempos can rev-up energy levels and entice you to get moving. Start scouting out songs to accompany your fitness efforts.