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Did you know?

Prom night can be exciting for teenagers, but it can also prove unsafe. In addition to concerns about excessive post-prom celebrating, parents also worry about automobile accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 70 percent of teenagers killed on prom weekends were not wearing seatbelts.
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Mocktails a safer option for prom night revelry

Each year, thousands of teenagers are killed due to alcohol-related prom night accidents. According to a recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance and a group called Students Against Destructive Decisions, of the 2,500 11th and 12th graders polled, 90 percent of teens believe their counterparts are more likely to drink and drive on prom night. Another 79 percent believe the same is true for graduation night.
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Prom according to Hollywood

Thousands of high school juniors and seniors attend a prom dance each and every year. This rite of passage is something students look forward to, sometimes as soon as they step on campus as freshmen.

Since prom is such an integral part of life as a teenager, it's no surprise proms have been subject matter at the movies for years. Some prom movies stand out as classics, and many have even earned a certain cult status. Here are some of the more popular prom movies over the years.
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Going solo to the prom

Prom night can be a source of excitement and anticipation. After all, it's a rite of passage in which most high schoolers participate every year. For the potential promgoer who doesn't anticipate having a date, the prom may be a source of anxiety and embarrassment. But it doesn't have to be. The times have changed, and nowadays going to the prom solo no longer carries the social stigma it once did.

In years past, finding a date to the prom was a big deal. Individuals who didn't have a current boyfriend or girlfriend had to scramble to find someone with whom to attend. Some schools had strict restrictions on dates, requiring male-female duos. It was not strange to ask a family member to attend so that you didn't have to walk in alone.
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Prom costs can restrict attendance

Prom night is an important event in a teenager's life that often creates memories that last forever. But studies indicate that proms are growing more and more expensive, alienating students who cannot afford the hefty tab.

Information from Visa says that, in 2011, the average teen spent around $800 on his or her prom experience. Many families are forced to open their wallets to accommodate the prom costs. Tickets, attire, shoes, accessories, flowers, limousines, photographers, after-parties, salon pampering, and so many other traditions of prom night have started to make this rite of passage unaffordable for many students. Nearly one-quarter of American students are forced to stay home simply because they cannot afford the prom, especially in this economic climate.
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Rules in place to protect promgoers

Many schools are imposing strict restrictions on prom attendance. While administrators cite safety as the primary reason for such restrictions, many graduating students are not happy with the babying behavior.

For most promgoers, the rituals for this special night include formal wardrobe, taking photos, riding together with friends, and the purchase of corsages or other small trinkets of affection. But many students now find they have to go through a checklist of potential don'ts before they can receive entry to the prom.
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Prom stats

Prom night has been a part of the teenage experience since the early 20th century. This special dance and its surrounding activities provides vendors with plenty of chances to make money. Many people would be surprised to hear some of the numbers associated with all things prom.
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