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Guys can shine on prom night, too

During prom season, the pages of fashion magazines are typically full of the latest dresses for female promgoers who are excited about looking their best on their big night. However, not as much attention is devoted to the gentlemen who also may want to shine on prom night. Guys may wonder how they can stand out among a sea of black tuxedoes. It's actually easier than you would think.

Although many eyes will be on the show-stopping gowns being worn, there will be plenty of people sizing up the dapper gentlemen as well. These young men can employ a host of strategies to ensure they stand out among fellow students and friends.

* Be classic. Sometimes guys think they need to stand out by doing something like wearing a flashy color to ensure all eyes are on them. But a great way to get noticed is to choose a well-fitted classic tuxedo.

* Try blue. English formal wear purists have long thought going with a midnight blue tuxedo is a classy decision. That's because this color is said to look its best under evening light.

* Choose single breasted styles. A single-breasted style with a low front button can help elongate the figure, which is an asset to gentlemen who are full around the middle.

* Select a slim cut. Tuxedoes tend to look more elegant the slimmer they're cut. Therefore, choose a slim cut tuxedo that best fits your body type. A tuxedo should be a man's slimmest, most sharply tailored garment, so be sure to have it altered to fit this way. For bigger men, visit a store that specializes in big and tall sizes so you'll get the attention you need.

* Be pressed and impress. No matter the color or cut, a winkled tuxedo is not a good idea. Prevent wrinkling by hanging the tux in a garment bag after it has been professionally pressed.

* Don't overdo the bling. Keep jewelry to a minimum, and wear simple, elegant cufflinks.

* Pay mind to hosiery. White athletic socks or thick boot socks will not work well with a formal look. Choose thin socks that are tight and one shade darker than your trousers.

* Keep the jacket fastened. You'll look classy with the jacket buttoned in photos and upon entry to the event. As the evening progresses, you may want to take off the jacket to dance and mingle.

Prom night often creates memories that last a lifetime. Gentleman can ensure they shine as much as their dance partners by selecting classic clothing that makes a statement.