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How to fight insects the eco-friendly way

Enjoying the outdoors when the weather is pleasant can become bothersome if biting insects are part of the equation. However, not everyone wants to rely on chemical repellents to keep bugs at bay. There are some greener options that may be adequate for most daily situations.
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How to prevent lawn damage

Many homeowners aspire toward a pristine and lush lawn. For some a nice lawn gives them feelings of pride. Others believe a perfect lawn enables them to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood. Many homeowners spend hours outdoors perfecting their lawns or spend a good deal of money hiring professionals to make their lawn more appealing. But just because a lawn looks good now doesn't mean it will look good later. That's because delicate grass can be damaged by a number of different factors.<<br/> » Read More

Help your lawn survive the dog days of summer

Homeowners who love their lawns often dread the arrival of summer. High temperatures and endless hours of sun can take their toll on a lawn, especially if a drought occurs and water restrictions are put in place.

For homeowners who don't want to sacrifice their lawns to summer heat waves, there are a few watering strategies that can help the lawn withstand the harsh and unrelenting dog days of summer.
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Ergonomic tools make gardening easier

Hand injuries are a common side effect of certain occupations and hobbies. Tennis elbow or wrist and even carpal tunnel syndrome are well-recognized injuries. But ergonomic tools can help alleviate injuries due to repetitive motions.
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Setting up a backyard play set

Outdoor play is a highlight of childhood. Being able to run, jump and swing outside is an excellent form of exercise and a way for kids to interact with their friends.

One staple of youthful play is spending time on a play set in the backyard. Parents without a play set in the backyard need only look into a neighboring yard with a play set to witness these prime congregation spots for the neighborhood children. And play sets don't just benefit kids. Parents who want to keep tabs on their children can do so much more easily with a backyard play set, and knowing they are having fun close by alleviates worries.
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Creating an attractive dog run

Millions of dogs share the homes and hearts of people across the country. Dogs can provide companionship, affection and joy. But when dogs spend time outdoors and cause damage to lawns and gardens, that cute and cuddly appeal might dwindle.

Although dogs are beneficial in numerous ways, their tendency to create unsightly messes in the yard have many homeowners wringing their hands in frustration. Erecting a dog run or using other strategies may help to alleviate any damage the dog causes.
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