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How to maintain fresh-cut flowers

Fresh flowers serve many purposes. A bouquet of flowers can be a gift on a special holiday or birthday.
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Lawn Care

Surviving drought during a water restriction

Homeowners don't need to have a green thumb to know how taxing a drought can be on their lawns.
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Things to know before building a deck

Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau Housing Survey indicate that homeowners annually spend billions of dollars improving outdoor living areas.... Read More

What to look for in outdoor furniture

Outdoor entertaining areas have always been popular among homeowners. The ability to entertain friends and family or simply relax by yourself is something homeowners cherish, particularly during the warm weather seasons. Finding t... Read More

5 signs your roof might be wearing down

Replacing a roof is a costly venture few homeowners look forward to. According to Remodeling magazine's 2010-11 "Cost vs. Value" report, the national average cost of a roof replacement is nearly $22,000, a costly endeavo... Read More

The differences between roofing materials

A roof is the primary defense a home has against the elements. It provides protection against wind, rain and snow, as well as shields the interior from the blazing heat. A compromised roof cannot do its job properly. There are man... Read More

New homes are getting smaller

From the early 1990s to the beginning of this century, "bigger is better" certainly was the mantra of the home-building industry. All across North America buyers could browse among home developments boasting homes of 3,0... Read More

How to floodproof your home

Homeowners know no home is perfect. While the notion of a dream house is nice, every home eventually experiences a problem or two. Many problems are bound to occur sooner or later, but there are a few that diligent homeowners can ... Read More

Is it time to add a half-bathroom?

When it comes to renovating a home, homeowners expect to spend money. No home renovation or home improvement project is free, but some are less costly than others.... Read More

Shop off-season for major improvements

An often overlooked side-effect of the recession is that many people cannot afford to move and have decided to stick with the home they have and make desired improvements. Thanks to off-season discounts, some months of the year ma... Read More

How to fight insects the eco-friendly way

Enjoying the outdoors when the weather is pleasant can become bothersome if biting insects are part of the equation. However, not everyone wants to rely on chemical repellents to keep bugs at bay. There are some greener options that may be adequate for most daily situations.
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How to prevent lawn damage

Many homeowners aspire toward a pristine and lush lawn. For some a nice lawn gives them feelings of pride. Others believe a perfect lawn enables them to have the best-looking house in the neighborhood. Many homeowners spend hours outdoors perfecting their lawns or spend a good deal of money hiring professionals to make their lawn more appealing. But just because a lawn looks good now doesn't mean it will look good later. That's because delicate grass can be damaged by a number of different factors.<<br/> » Read More

Creating an attractive dog run

Millions of dogs share the homes and hearts of people across the country. Dogs can provide companionship, affection and joy. But when dogs spend time outdoors and cause damage to lawns and gardens, that cute and cuddly appeal might dwindle.

Although dogs are beneficial in numerous ways, their tendency to create unsightly messes in the yard have many homeowners wringing their hands in frustration. Erecting a dog run or using other strategies may help to alleviate any damage the dog causes.
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