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Caring for Pets

Bathing cats the right way

One of the main reasons people are drawn to cats as pets is the feline's self-sufficiency. In many respects, cats can take care of themselves and be very content with minimal pampering from their owners.

Many cats do not require bathing as a dog would. They are very capable of grooming themselves and keeping clean. In the rare instance a cat gets very dirty or gets a substance stuck in its fur that it cannot remove, then the cat might need a bath.
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Common hamster illnesses

Many children cannot resist the cute, furry faces of hamsters, and these lovable rodents are often the first pet a child is allowed to have. However, in some pet stores, hamsters are raised in close proximity with others and, if not properly cared for, can be susceptible to illness. It's only after the pet is brought home that symptoms may appear.
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Controlling aquarium algae

Budding aquarium enthusiasts crop up every day. They're anxious to head to the pet store and pick out a tank, accessories and the fish they hope will thrive in a new environment.

While it's important to know which fish can cohabitate and the proper pH and temperature to keep the tank, one important lesson all people who have an aquarium should know is how to keep algae in check.
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Dogs and diabetes
How to recognize if your dog has diabetes

The family pet is typically a beloved and cherished member of the family, one whom no one wants to see succumb to sickness or illness. But just like their human counterparts, pets can get sick, and it might surprise some pet owners to learn their pets aren't immune to diseases most commonly associated with human beings.

One such disease is diabetes, which is a common disease in dogs regardless of breed. Just like with human beings, diabetes in dogs does not discriminate. However, females with the disease outnumber males by three to one, and Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Miniature Schnauzers, Keeshonden and Poodles have the highest incidence of diabetes.
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Get the facts about FIV

Cats are delicate animals that make great pets. Individuals who choose to open their hearts to feline companions should know many things about how a cat operates. In addition, cat owners should know about potential diseases that can affect cats, including feline immunodeficiency virus. or FIV.
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Rodent baits can poison more than just mice

Rats and mice are animals that most people would prefer remain outdoors and away from their homes. But as seasons and homes change, the likelihood that rodents will venture inside increases. This leaves homeowners looking for ways to alleviate the problem, and many choose poison to evict their unwanted guests. Though effective on mice, poisons can prove harmful to pets as well.
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